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Lead-Based Paint Program Online Certification
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This site is NOT for licensed CCB Contractors who are applying for the Lead-Based Paint License. If you are a CCB licensed business or contractor and you want to apply for the “Certified Lead-Based Paint Renovation Contractor License” (also called LBPR Contrators License), visit CCB’s website or call 503-378-4621.

This site IS for businesses and agencies that are not required to have a CCB License but who must become a certified Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Firm* with OHA because they perform work on pre-1978 housing or child-occupied facilities. Some examples of businesses or agencies that do not require a CCB license to perform renovation and repair work and would need to obtain RRP Firm certification through OHA include:
  • Schools or school districts
  • Property managers or maintenance workers
  • Landlords or rental property owners
  • Child care facility maintenance staff

    * "Firm" means a company, partnership, corporation, sole proprietor or individual doing business, school, property management company, landlord or business. To become certified or licensed to work in Oregon, firms must submit an application to CCB or OHA.
  • On this website you will be able to:

  • Apply and pay for a certificate for a Firm To Conduct Renovation Activities

  • Make changes to your firm's information

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